Technical venture capital

Early stage investments in web and mobile start-ups that leverage our skills in designing and building secure, data-intensive web applications. Since 2008, we have used our technical services to invest in start-ups in the areas of business information, fintech, HR and cybersecurity.


Our mission is to help build online companies that can transform their markets by applying technology and analytics to data. We use our substantial design and technical experience to bring great ideas to realization. Our focus is UK-based management teams.

What we look for

Online businesses with clear revenue model, ideally with recurring subscription income.

Committed and ambitious management with experience in start-up’s area of focus.

Early or medium stage businesses with at least one external cash investor.

SaaS/VPC delivered business models such as information platforms, workflow automation and data analytics

What we provide

We contribute technical design, development and operational services, along with office space and business support services (legal, accounting, etc). We also work with an active angel network of cash investors that co-invest with us.