Our 10+ years’ battle tested experience designing, building and maintaining software systems across many sectors has given us the tools and know-how to tackle complex workflows and data models in business-critical applications. We undertake a wide range of assignments utilising our commercially aware, technical expertise, to help companies large and small. Learn more about the variety of consultancy services we offer and how we could help you:



Diagnostic Engagement

We’ll guide you through the process of gathering ideas, digesting them, and formulating a commercially and technically feasible plan. Our engagement can be for any part, or all of the project’s lifecycle, including managing a vendor tender process, scrum mastering your internal development team, or completing the build using our engineers.

M&A/VC Technical Due Diligence

M&A/VC Technical Due Diligence

Thinking of acquiring or investing in a company? We’ll send in our professional and detail-oriented team for a deep-dive into the target’s current technology stack, development resource, technical debt levels, and product roadmap, providing you with an invaluable additional data point when making an investment decision.

Second opinion

Impartial Second Opinion

There are many solutions to a problem, and understanding the commercial and technical strengths of proposals put forward by in-house developers or external vendors can be challenging. As a neutral third party, we provide impartial second opinion on new development projects, code rewrites, and ICT investments.

Interim CIO/CTO

Interim CIO/CTO

Are you looking to increase profits and efficiency, reduce waste, limit damage from possible disasters through the design and implementation of an ICT strategy, and sustain growth? At Everlution, we provide experienced and technically astute interim CIOs with high-level personnel skills. We’ll also assist in the recruitment a permanent hire.


Performance Issues

Are you dealing with app performance issues such as back-end processing bottlenecks or slow responding webpages/searches/APIs? Our experienced and expert development and DevOps teams are on hand to investigate the cause, and present result oriented solutions.

Everlution white-hat services


Whether you have been hacked, suspect a breach, or have the not-so-good results of a pen test, our in-house InfoSec team will assist your PR/CIO/engineering teams to contain, manage, and remedy the situation, both in the immediate short term, and as part of the implementation of a long term information security framework.

Specialist expertise and services

Does your project require the design and/or development of features outside your development team’s technical capabilities or technology stack? Or maybe it will be a distraction to your core project roadmap or engineering resource? At Everlution, we are committed to offering our experience and expertise in a number of specialist technologies, including Elastic Search, Docker Containerisation, Natural Language Processing, analytics, and large data migration (ETL) tasks. We can upskill or supplement your internal team, build the feature as a separate micro-service, or refactor existing codebases.

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Digital Marketplace

We are Cyber Essentials certified and fully listed as a supplier on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace. We are pre-qualified to deliver public sector funded work as a prime or sub-contractor. We have successfully tendered for, and delivered web-development projects using the GOV.UK front-end templates and toolkits.


Everlution provide blockchain solutions for start-ups and established businesses working in the information and financial sectors. We mix our product development, UX and technical experience with financial and business knowledge to create practical solutions using blockchain’s unique features.

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