Development Services

From individual developers to full scrum teams, at Everlution, we provide professional and experienced engineers specialised in rapid-development of secure web and mobile applications. We follow the industry best practices, with security, testing, and performance baked in from the start, and not hastily retrofitted afterwards.


We are open-source advocates, and we utilise many of the actively supported and tested tools, libraries, and frameworks, ensuring future maintainability and availability of developers. Our projects are primarily based around TypeScript with Node.JS or PHP7 with Symfony. Where appropriate, we have a general preference for using Docker containerisation, ReactJS and serverless architectures. We make extensive use of Amazon AWS web-services including Cognito, Lambda, SNS, ElastiCache, AppSync (GraphQL), API Gateway and machine learning frameworks.

Due to the nature of the projects we work on that often require significant processing of structured and unstructured data, we often incorporate services such as Elastic search, Redis, message queues, and document based data stores. We aim for a high unit-test coverage, which allows us to run a continuous integration and deployment strategy, in line with our weekly sprints.

Our approach

At Everlution, we encourage our team to contribute to the development community, through talks, open-sourcing code, blogs, and even writing books. We use internal training, code reviews, and vendor examinations to ensure that everyone is constantly learning, and aware of the latest trends, threats, and techniques.

What’s more, we are committed to providing the best value for money, we charge using a blended day rate, on a time and materials basis, with discounts for longer term assignments and partnerships.

Everlution developers
Everlution developers

Launch now

Are you ready to take advantage of our professional and expert development services? Drop us a line now, or come in to our office at London Bridge (SE1), to talk through your business or technical requirements. We will be happy to provide you with options, or gladly refer you to other agencies who can serve your needs better than us.

Further your career at Everlution

Whether you are a school leaver or industry veteran, full-stack or specialist, engineer or business analyst, we are always on the look out for talented individuals to join and improve our company and projects. We work on large and interesting projects that need to be secure and operate under high load, often completely from scratch utilising innovative technologies.

In return, we provide a technically challenging, fun and rewarding team environment. We are proud that over the years, a many of our junior developers have progressed and gone on to do great things with high-profile technology companies or become CTO/CIOs of businesses themselves.

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