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Social Media Marketing, Training & Courses

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Marketing is no longer about the things you make, but about the stories you tell.

The importance of social media for any business cannot be underestimated. Having a presence online aside from your company website is essential - it's what consumers have come to expect.

At Everlution, we can provide tailored social media training for your business. We can advise you on the effective use of analytics as well as providing insight into strategy, video marketing and blogging. Our intention is to get to the very core of your business and demonstrate that effectively across every social media channel. You'll reach entirely new audiences while cementing your reputation as a forward-thinking company.

Social Media & Blogging Consultancy

Business participation in social media has moved beyond simple corporate blogs. Customer service, improving brand awareness, competitive intelligence and product research are now all conducted on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. A coherent strategy is required by businesses if they are to understand the conversations around their brands and to have a unified online presence. Everlution can help manage your online profiles, engage with your customers, and advise on strategies to maximize the return on your social media investment.

We can also help with your internal discussions on how best to use social media within your business. This can involve educating non-technical managers on the ROI of social media investment, particularly in how it can help sales & marketing, recruitment, customer relations and product development.

Social Media Training and Courses

We provide in-house and off-site training and courses for organisations. Tell us your objectives and how many staff you'd like us to train, and we will create a programme for you. This will give your staff practical advice on how to use SEO tools, including Google Analytics. We also offer standard courses of half-day, full day and week-long in duration, so whether you are just starting out in social media or are a seasoned social media professional, our trainers can provide valuable insight and practical advice so you get the most from social media.

Video Marketing - Social Video Player

Branded videos can engage audiences, inform and entertain potential customers, and increase click-through rates and revenue. But as companies invest more in video content, they struggle to increase viewership. To help, Everlution launched its "social media friendly" online video player called Social Video Player (SVP). SVP engages audiences with "in-video" commenting, and tightly integrates with Facebook and Twitter to automatically seed comments into social media, using "likes" and retweets to virally spread your video content. SVP also integrates with YouTube to get viewers talking about and viewing your channel. The analytical dashboard provides user demographics and information on what they are saying. SVP is perfect for brands, advertising agencies and marketers wanting high levels of video engagement and consumer viewership.
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