Real Time Subscription Analytics

Analytics Hub is Everlution Software’s high-performance user behaviour collection and reporting system offered via a SaaS model. With minimal technical integration required, statistics can start to be gathered from all of your web and mobile properties regardless of their individual technical stacks to generate real-time, actionable intelligence.


Subscription Renewals and Uplift

Get a real-time understanding on how your customers are using their subscription long before the renewal conversation happens to maximise retention and upsell possibilities.

Push Alerts and Reports

Mine the data pro-actively, or set time scheduled/activity triggered alerts to notify your front line staff automatically. Graphical trends and summaries for board presentations.

Data output and CRM Integration

View reports on a bespoke web/mobile dashboard or pushed directly to SalesForce or other CRM. Alternatively use our API to integrate the data back into your application.

Future Feature Focus

Confirm hunches on feature usage by using actual data to drive product roadmap decisions and not waste finite development resource on furthering unused tools.

Revenue Protection

Identify customers who might be sharing login credentials denying your company valuable subscription revenue. Additionally, IP resolving can generate new leads to follow up.

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High Availability

Using a dedicated horizontally-scaled storage engine fronted by a message queue allows data collection from the largest of web properties.

Secure data

All data collected is yours and yours alone and not used by a third-party for their own intelligence gathering and monetization.

Transparent to end-user

A small, asynchronous JavaScript call to a secure API has negligible performance impact to end user.

Minimal server / bandwidth impact

With all the storage and processing done on our cloud servers, there is no additional strain on your server infrastructure or bandwidth bills.

Dedicated environments and customisation

Analytics Hub can be used out-of-the-box or bespoke; allowing complete customisation, additional functionality and analytics.

Latest high-performance tools

Benefitting from advanced technology such as MongoDB, ZeroMQ, Elastic Search, OpenCPU without needing the in-house expertise.

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Seeing a traffic light indicator of customer usage over 7/30/60 day periods allows me to focus my account management team effectively.

Pippa, Operations Manager

Mapping content engagement back to our client demographics has given me the data to show ROI to our advertisers.

Chris, Sales Director

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