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Inside every large software programme, there is a small one trying to get out. - Anton

Software development is tricky business. If you're not tech-savvy, how do you know if your developers are doing a good job? How do you know if you are getting value for money? Is off-shore software development at half the cost of London twice as good?

At Everlution, we provide well architected and documented code that is scalable, robust and fit for purpose. We write code that professional IT staff can maintain. Our in-house testers are part of our development teams, helping to accelerate the process and ensure that delivered code is bug free.

Agile Methodology

Our development lifecycle is based on agile methodology, this ensures that our clients are up-to-date with the project progress and are continuously involved to ensure accurate delivery. Using agile methodology strengthens communication and ensures continuous feedback with clients, thus giving them complete control over budgets.

One of the advantages of our onshore development teams is that our teams interact with clients in person. For project progress and bug tracking we use online tools to allow our clients easy access to the project boards. We do not blind our clients with jargon; instead, we explain our approach in plain English. Our developers are always happy to answer questions from clients.

Our developers are skilled in:

  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Python
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • HTML5/CSS3

Our technology is principally LAMP stack based, using open source components due to their flexibility, scalability and lower development costs.

  • Zend and Symfony frameworks
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • MySQL/MongoDB/Cassandra/Hadoop
  • Memcached
  • Elasticsearch
  • HTML5 mobile apps (PhoneGap)
  • Backbone.js
  • Marionette